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Global lineage evolution pattern of sars-cov-2 in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia: A comparative analysis of variant clusters and their relevance across continents.
Choi JH+, Jun MS, Jeon JY, Kim H-S, Kim YK, Jeon CH, Choi SH, Kim DS, Han MH#, Oh JW#, Lin SJ.#.
Journal of Translational Internal Medicine. 2023 Dec 20;11(4):410-22.
[Journal link] PMID: 38130632 [PDF document]

Studying Hair Growth Cycle and its Effects on Mouse Skin
Wang WH+, Ramos R+, Tai KY, Wu YS, Chang TY, Yan JY, Plikus MV#, Oh JW#, Lin SJ.#.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2023 Sep 1;143(9):1638-45.
[Journal link] PMID: 37612030 [PDF document]

Signalling by senescent melanocytes hyperactivates hair growth
Wang X+, Ramos R+, Phan AQ+, Yamaga K, Flesher JL, Jiang S, Oh JW, Jin S, J Sohail, Kuan CH, Nguyen TK, Liang HY, Shettigar NU, Hou R, Tran KH, Nguyen A, Vu KN, Phung JL, Ingal JP, Levitt KM, Cao X, Liu Y, Deng Z, Taguchi N, Scarfone VM, Wang G, Paolilli KN, Wang X, Gurrero-Juarez CF, Davis RT, Greenberg EN, Vega RR, Vasudeva P, Murad R, Widyastuti LHP, Lee HL, McElwee KJ, Gadeau AP, Lawson DA, Andersen B, Mortazavi A, Yu Z, Nie Q, Kunisada T, Karin M, Tuckermann J, Esko JD, Ganesan AK, Li J, Plikus MV#.
Nature. 2023 June;618(7966):808-817.
[Journal link] PMID: 37344645 [PDF document]

Widespread somatic L1 retrotransposition in normal colorectal epithelium
Nam CH+, Youk J+, Kim JY, Lim J, Park JW, Oh SA, Lee HJ, Park JW, Won H, Lee Y, Jeong SY, Lee DS, Oh JW, Han J, Lee J, Kwon HW#, Kim MJ#, Ju YS#.
Nature. 2023 May;617(7961):540-547.
[Journal link] PMID: 37165195 [PDF document]

Grave-to-cradle: human embryonic lineage tracing from the postmortem body
Choi SH+, Ku EJ, Choi YA, Oh JW#.
Experimental & Molecular Medicine. 2023 Jan. 4;55:13-21
[Journal link] PMID: 36599930 [PDF document]


Three-dimensional visualization of cerebral blood vessels and neural changes in thick ischemic rat brain slices using tissue clearing
Lee EJ+, Hong SK+, Choi DH, Gum SI, Hwang MY, Kim DS, Oh JW#, Lee ES#.
Scientific Reports. 2022 Sep 23;12(1):15897.
[Journal link] PMID: 36151103 [PDF document]

Asymmetric Contribution of Blastomere Lineages of First Division of the Zygote to Entire Human Body Using Post-Zygotic Variants
Kwon SG+, Bae GH+, Choi JH,Mali NM, Jun MS, Kim DS, Han MH, Park S, Ju YS, Choi SH#, Oh JW#.
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. 2022 Aug;19(4):809-821.
[Journal link] PMID: 35438457 [PDF document]

The morphological characterization of the phenomenon of hair growth regulated by fibroblast growth factor 5 (Fgf5)
JuneHyug Choi.
Master Thesis. 2022 August 19.
[Link]     [PDF document]

Hedgehog signaling reprograms hair follicle niche fibroblasts to a hyper-activated state
Liu Y+, Guerrero-Juarez CF, Xiao F, Shettigar NU, Ramos R, Kuan CH, Lin YC, de Jesus Martinez Lomeli, L, Park JM, Oh JW, Liu R, Lin SJ, Tartaglia M, Yang RB, Yu Z, Nie Q, Li J#, Plius MV#.
Developmental Cell. 2022; 57 (14):1758-1775.e7.
[Journal link] PMID: 35777353 [PDF document]

Deep Tissue Clearing for Three-dimensional Imaging Analysis of Murine Pancreas
Mali NM+, Park JM+, Kim GH, Choi DH, Ramos R, Lee JH, Ku EJ#, Oh JW#.
Anatomy & Biological Anthropology. 2022 Jun;35(2):57-66.
[Journal link]    [Google Scholar]   [PDF document]

Restoration of Immune Privilege in Human Dermal Papillae Controlling Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions in Hair Formation
Park JM+, Jun MS+, Kim JA, Mali NM, Hsi TC, Cho A, Kim JC, Kim JY, Seo I, Kim J, Kim M#, Oh JW#.
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. 2022 Feb;19(1):105-116.
[Journal link]    PMID: 34626334   [PDF document]

Study of acute rejection, immune tolerance, macrodactyly and myoblast single cell culture: approaches to see the new insight for the biological phenomena with network analysis
Jeong-Woo Choi.
Ph.D. Thesis. 2022 February 18.
[Link]     [PDF document]

Porcine single cell culture methodology for cell lineage tracing by somatic mutation to understand early pig embryogenesis
Joo-hee Hong.
Master Thesis. 2022 February 18.
[Link]     [PDF document]


Bayesian log-normal deconvolution for enhanced in silico microdissection of bulk gene expression data
Andrade Barbosa B+, van Asten SD, Oh JW, Farina-Sarasqueta A, Verheij J, Dijk F, van Laarhoven HWM, Ylstra B, Garcia Vallejo JJ, van de Wiel MA#, Kim Y#.
Nature Communications. 2021 Oct 20;12(1):6106.
[Journal link]    PMID: 34671028   [PDF document]

Clonal dynamics in early human embryogenesis inferred from somatic mutation
Park S+, Mali NM+, Kim R+, Choi JW, Lee J, Lim J, Park JM, Park JW, Kim D, Kim T, Yi K, Choi JH, Kwon SG, Hong JH, Youk JH, An Y, Kim SY, Oh SA, Kwon Y, Hong D, Kim MK, Kim DS, Park JY, Oh JW#, Ju YS#.
Nature. 2021 August; 597:393–397.
[Journal link]    PMID: 34433967   [PDF document]
News and Views:
Mutation fingerprints encode cellular histories
GENETICS Mutational fingerprints reconstruct human cell genealogies
Research Highlight:
HUMAN GENETICS A body-wide view of somatic mutations

Pullout strength of pedicle screws using cadaveric vertebrae with or without artificial demineralization
Lee S-K+, Lee J-H, Lee H-J, Oh JW, Park I-H#.
The Spine Journal. 2021 Sep;21(9):1580-1586.
[Journal link]    PMID: 33872804   [PDF document]

Genomic and anatomical comparisons of skin support independent adaptation to life in water by cetaceans and hippos
Springer MS#, Guerrero-Juarez CF, Huelsmann M, Collin MA, Danil K, McGowen MR, Oh JW, Ramos R, Hiller M#, Plikus MV#, Gatesy J#.
Current Biology. 2021;31(10):2124-39.e3.
[Journal link]    PMID: 33798433   [PDF document]

Cellular lineage tracing by somatic variations for understanding human early embryogenesis
Nanda Maya Mali.
Ph.D. Thesis. 2021 February 19.
[Link]     [PDF document]

Comparison of the insertion patterns of the extensor hallucis longus muscle in Korean focusing on the regional difference
Chang I+, Na E+, Oh JW, Kim J, Yoon SP#.
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy. 2021; 43(1):117-125.
[Journal link]    PMID: 33580306   [PDF document]


Analysis of cell and nucleus genome by Next-Generation Sequencing
Oh JW+, Abyzov A#.
Textbook chapter, Human Interphase Chromosomes. Springer, Cham. 2020; Second edition:35-65.
[Text book link]       [PDF document]

Knockdown of FOXA2 Impairs Hair-Inductive Activity of Cultured Human Follicular Keratinocytes
Bak SS+, Park JM, Oh JW, Kim JC, Kim MK, Sung YK#.
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology. 2020,Oct;8:575382.
[Journal link]    PMID: 33117803   [PDF document]

Prevalence, mortality, and cause of death in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease in Korea: a nationwide, population-based study
Park HJ+#, Choi Y-C, Oh JW, Yi S-W#.
Neuroepidemiology.  2020; 54.4: 313-319.
[Journal link]    PMID: 31995800   [PDF document]


Expression Level of Prostaglandin D2 Receptor 2 Regulates Hair Regression
Kang YR+, Bak SS, Kim MK, Joo HW, Mali NM, Shin MJ, Kim MK, Kim JC, Oh JW#, Sung YK#.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2019 Aug;139(8):1824-1828.e2.
[Journal link] PMID: 30825455 [PDF document]

A Safer Non-surgical Filler Augmentation Rhinoplasty Based on the Anatomy of the Nose
Jung GS+, Chu SG, Lee JW, Chung HY, Yang JD, Cho BC, Oh JW, Choi KY#.
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 2019 Apr;43(2):447-452.
[Journal link]    PMID: 30560283   [PDF document]

Preliminary Study and Suggestions for the Recognition of Brain Donation
Hong SJ+, Lim Y-H, Kim J, Ko P-W, Park KS, Oh JW, Park JY, Lee SH, Kim JE, Lee H-W#.
Asia Pacific Journal of Health Law & Ethics. Vol. 12 No. 2 (2019).
[Journal link]  [Google Scholar]  [PDF document]

Modified Transosseous Wiring Technique for Neglected Fracture-Dislocation of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint
Kim HJ+, Lee HJ#, Kim PT, Kyung HS, Oh JW, Lee SJ.
Clinics in Orthopedic Surgery. 2019 Jun;11(2):220-225.
[Journal link]    PMID: 31156775     [PDF document]

A guide to study murine hair follicle cyling and skin pattern evolution in vivo
Jung Min Park.
Master Thesis. 2019 February 22.
[Link] [PDF document]


Characterization of Human Dermal Papilla Cells in Alginate Spheres
Mali NM+, Kim, Y-H+, Park JM, Kim D, Heo W, Dao BL, Lim JO#, Oh JW#.
Applied Sciences. 2018; 8(10):1993.
[Journal link]    [Google Scholar]    [PDF document]
Special Issue: "Synthesis and Application of Microcapsules"

Wound regeneration deficit in rats correlates with low morphogenetic potential and distinct transcriptome profile of epidermis
Guerrero-Juarez CF+, Astrowski AA, Murad R, Dang CT, Shatrova VO, Astrowskaja A, Lim CH, Ramos R, Wang X, Liu Y, Lee HL, Pham KT, Hsi TC, Oh JW, Crocker D, Mortazavi A, Ito M, Plikus MV#.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 138 (6), 1409-1419.
[Journal link]   PMID: 29317265     [PDF document]
JID Commentary: Hair Regeneration under Stress


Signature Genes in Macrodactyly through Transcriptome Network Analysis Reveal their Association of Lipid Metabolism
Choi JW+, Lee HJ#, Oh JW#.
Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology 30 (3), 77-85.
[Journal link]   [Google Scholar]   [PDF document]

Extensor Pollicis Longus Tendon Rupture with Concomitant Rupture of the Extensor Digitorum Communis II Tendon and Extensor Indicis Proprius after Volar Plating for Distal Radius Fracture
Kim HJ+, Lee HJ#, Kim DH, Kim JW, Oh JW.
Journal of the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand 22 (3), 202-207.
[Journal link]   [Google Scholar]   [PDF document]

Comparative Analyses of Signature Genes in Acute Rejection and Operational Tolerance
Choi JW+, Kim YH#, Oh JW#.
Immune Network 17 (4), 237-249.
[Journal link]   PMID: 28860953  [PDF document]

A multi-scale model for hair follicles reveals heterogeneous domains driving rapid spatiotemporal hair growth patterning
Wang Q+, Oh JW+, Lee HL, Dhar A, Peng T, Ramos R, Guerrero-Juarez CF, Wang X, Zhao R, Cao X, Le J, Fuentes MA, Jocoy SC, Rossi AR, Vu B, Pham K, Wang X, Mali NM, Park JM, Choi JH, Lee H, Legrand J, Kandyba E, Kim JC, Kim M, Foley J, Yu Z, Kobielak K, Andersen B, Khosrotehrani K, Nie Q#, Plikus MV#.
eLife 2017; 6: e22772.
[Journal link]   PMID: 28695824  [PDF document]
eLife Insight: Tissue Regeneration: Regional differences

Estrogen modulates mesenchyme-epidermis interactions in the adult nipple
Wu H-J+, Oh JW, Spandau DF, Tholpady S, Diaz J, Schroeder LJ, Offutt CD, Glick AB, Plikus MV., Koyama S, Foley J#.
Development 144 (8), 1498-1509.
[Journal link]   PMID: 28289136 [PDF document]

Role of 14-3-3 sigma in over-expression of P-gp by rifampin and paclitaxel stimulation through interaction with PXR
Kim SW+#, Md. Hasanuzzaman, Cho M, Kim NH, Choi H-Y, Han JW, Park HJ, Oh JW, Shin J-G#.
Cellular signalling 31, 124-134.
[Journal link]   PMID: 28077325  [PDF document]

Regeneration of fat cells from myofibroblasts during wound healing
Plikus MV+#., Guerrero-Juarez CF, Ito M, Li YR, Dedhia PH, Zheng Y, Shao M, Gay DL, Ramos R, His T-C, Oh JW, Wang X, Ramirez A, Konopelski SE, Elzein A, Wang A, Supapannachart RJ, Lee H-L, Lim CH, Nace A, Guo A, Treffeisen E, Andl T, Ramirez RN, Murad R, Offermanns S, Metzger D, Chambon P, Widgerow AD, Tuan T-L, Mortazavi A, Gupta RK, Hamilton BA, Millar SE, Seale P, Pear WS, Lazar MA, Cotsarelis G.#.
Science aai8792.
[Journal link]   PMID: 28059714   [PDF document]
Perspective and preview:
Fibroblasts become fat to reduce scarring
Repeal and replace: adipocyte regeneration in wound repair

Topography of the coracobrachialis muscle and the musculocutaneous nerve by muscular variation
Oh JW+, Lee H, Lee J-H#.
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy 39 (1), 115-116.
[Journal link]   PMID: 27387318   [PDF document]


A guide to studying human hair follicle cycling in vivo
Oh JW+, Kloepper J, Langan EA, Kim Y, Yeo J, Kim MJ, Hsi T-C, Rose C, Yoon GS, Lee S-J, Seykora J, Kim JC, Sung YK, Kim M#, Paus R#, Plikus MV#.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 136 (1), 34-44.
[Journal link]   PMID: 26763421  [PDF document]  [Supplement]
Related commentary: Putting the Human Hair Follicle Cycle on the Map


Gene loss in keratinization programs accompanies adaptation of cetacean skin to aquatic lifestyle
Oh JW+, Chung O, Cho YS, MacGregor GR, Plikus MV#.
Experimental dermatology 24 (8), 572-573.
[Journal link]  PMID: 25959646  [PDF document]

Regenerative metamorphosis in hairs and feathers follicle as a programmable biological printer
Oh JW+, Lin SJ, Plikus MV#.
Experimental dermatology 24 (4), 262-264.
[Journal link]   PMID: 25557541   [PDF document]


Light-Emitting Hair Follicles: Studying Skin Regeneration with In Vivo Imaging
Guerrero-Juarez CF+, Ramos R, Oh JW, Hsi TC, Plikus MV#.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 134 (6), 1496-1498.
[Journal link]   PMID: 24825056   [PDF document]


Organotypic Skin Culture
Oh JW+, Hsi TC, Guerrero-Juarez CF, Ramos R, Plikus MV#.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 133 (11), e14.
[Journal link]   PMID: 24129782   [PDF document]

The Effect of BSM-Alginate Sponge on the Enhanced Early Proliferation of Epithelial Cells
Choi JY+, Oh JW, Kim SJ, Lim JO#.
Biomaterials Research 17 (1), 26-30.
[Journal link]   [Korea Citation Index]   [PDF document]


Fabrication and Characterization of Epithelial Scaffolds for Hair Follicle Regeneration
Oh JW+, Choi JY, Kim M, Abdi SIH, Lau HC, Kim M, Lim JO#.
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 9 (3), 147-156.
[Journal link]   [Google Scholar]   [PDF document]


Gene Expression Analysis in Nasal Polyp Using Microarray
Song S-H+, Jang H-U, Oh JW, Kim J-S#.
Korean Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 54 (1), 55-61.
[Journal link]   [Google Scholar]   [PDF document]


Difference of Gene Expression between Hypertrophic Scar Keratinocytes and Normal Keratinocytes
Choi S+, Chung H, Lim Y, Kim H, Oh JW, Kim M, Jeon S, Hong Y#.
Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons 37(4), 317-322.
[Journal link]   [Google Scholar]   [PDF document]

Erythropoietin promotes hair shaft growth in cultured human hair follicles and modulates hair growth in mice
Kang BM+, Shin SH, Kwack MH, Shin H, Oh JW, Kim J, Moon C, Moon C, Kim JC, Kim MK, Sung YK#.
Journal of dermatological science 59 (2), 86-90.
[Journal link]   PMID: 20554434   [PDF document]

Identification of transcriptional targets of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in dermal papilla cells of human scalp hair follicles: EP2 is a novel transcriptional target of Wnt3a
Shin H+, Kwack MH, Shin SH, Oh JW, Kang BM, Kim AA, Kim J, Kim MK, Kim JC, Sung YK#.
Journal of dermatological science 58 (2), 91-96.
[Journal link]   PMID: 20347274   [PDF document]